NOW BOOKING June 2017!!!! 

The Brass Toucan is a one-of-a-kind captained boat charter located in the beautiful Ottawa Capital. We offer charming and romantic tours from Hogs Back Locks along the winding waterway of the historic Rideau River by the hour.  Half or Full day charters available allow stop off for picnics and swims at the beautiful Black Rapid Locks or Long Island Locks. This is a completely different side of Ottawa that can only be experienced by boat.

This is the perfect go-to for a unique day-date for couples, or adventurous small groups of 4.  Booking by the hour makes it affordable for tourists and Ottawa locals alike. 

The Brass Toucan is a one of a kind build. Conceived by John Bartlett whose love of Phil Bolgers classic boat designs led him to begin building this 24 foot diminutive beauty. Seating is available for 4, is for persons over 16, this is a truly unique experience not to be missed.

Pick up is at the locks on the Mooney's Bay side of Hogs back and we are available Thursday through Sunday. These tours can be reserved now by calling 613-884-3913.  The Brass Toucan comes with Skipper and First Mate Finn, a hypoallergenic doodle who is on board.



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  • Getting the boat cleaned up and ready to sand as Finn McCool looks on.
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  • Yup! Taping windows.
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  • Dez doing what he does best, awesome custom paint work! #Dez'spaintshop
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  • Black Rapid
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